Welcome to Sone&Chang Laboratory !

Welcome to Sone&Chang Laboratory ! Development & Evaluation
of High Performance Micro-and Nanomaterials

High performance alternatives with superior properties than conventional materials and new functions that are not yet known, have been developed by the structural control of materials on the nanoscale. These materials are called nanomaterials and have been investigated worldwide.  The development of nanomaterials is a basis of nanotechnology and is expected to be a fundamental technology of the 21st century. Several preparation processes of nanomaterials have been used, however, innovative preparation methods have been developed in our laboratory. In addition, the development of evaluation methods are required to prepare nanomaterials. To date, the preparation methods of nanomaterials have been developed independently from the evaluation methods. It is, however, extremely important to incorporate the preparation and the evaluation methods for developing nanomaterials expeditiously. In our laboratory, we are carrying out the development of high performance materials using nanoscale structural control and evaluation methods.